All About FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

2018 is getting very close. Russia will be the next host of the FIFA World Cup, and this is going to be amazing. On this article we are going to give a nice look to what’s going on with this important event, the most important for the soccer world.

Preliminary Competition:

Right now we are living the preliminary competition, which is being kind of savage. We have in South America some of the best teams which are fighting very closely for their own ticket for the World Cup in Russia. Right now the tip-5 for SA is as follows:

  1. Uruguay: 16 points
  2. Brazil: 15 points
  3. Argentina: 15 points
  4. Colombia: 13 points
  5. Ecuador: 13 points

It’ surprising to see that Chile is not on this top-5, which is a clear sign that this competition in South America has turned very fierce. There’s a still quite a bit to see, so let’s see which countries make it to the World Cup.

The same can be seen in Europe, where we have some of the best teams as well, which are doing their best to bring their country a ticker for the FIFA World Cup 2018. The competition is fierce and none wants to quit without giving a good fight.

There are far more matches in Europe, so giving a top-ranking right now would not be possible. Yet, we can check the leading teams for each group:

  1. Group A: Bulgaria with 3 points
  2. Group B: Switzerland with 3 points
  3. Group C: Germany with 3 points
  4. Group D: Wales with 3 points
  5. Group E: Denmark with 3 points
  6. Group F: Scotland with 3 points
  7. Group G: Spain with 3 points
  8. Group H: Bosnia and Herzegovina with 3 points
  9. Group I: Kosovo with 1 points

So far now this is the ranking in Europe. As we can see it’s also a very tied competition, but we are just in the first stage, let’s see what the second stage brings.

An Exciting World Cup:

Just like all editions, this one won’t be a disappointment. To the contrary, we believe that Russia 2018 will be one of the best. Because the government is doing big effort into having everything ready for this magnificent event.

A lot of people are booking their tickets for Russia from now, because it’s going to be awesome. Everyone will want to see their team play and possibly win the world cup, but we all know that only 1 will be able to do it.

Let’s see if this new generation of soccer players of Brazil can do a good job. And let’s see how well Germany does this time. Argentina will also be a good surprise if they do it to the World Cup, which is more than guaranteed at this point.

All in all, it’s going to be a great World Cup. Let’s wait for it to arrive, it’s going to be awesome.