Keeping a Pet Tortoise: A Guide

There is more to reptiles than just lizards and snakes, the ever slow and steady tortoise is also included in the bunch. A tortoise is a great pet since they are pretty low-maintenance and are fascinating creatures if you consider the fact that their ancestors walked amongst the dinosaurs at one point. A tortoise can be a great pet and while they are low maintenance, they do still, require basic care. You can visit B.W.C.W. Tortoise Links Page more multiple articles regarding tortoises, we will however be focusing solely on the basics of taking care of a pet tortoise.

Tortoises require good accommodation to avoid stress and potential diseases. The most common species of tortoises that are pets are Mediterranean and Russian tortoises. Both these species require warm climate with adequate sunshine.

If you plan on keeping them in an outdoor enclosure, you need to keep it big enough for them to exercise or else they get stressed. The average size of both an indoor and outdoor enclosure should be 2 by 4 feet. The enclosure needs to have a combination of soft soil, rocks and leafy shaded areas. Wet soil leads to respiratory infections so that is always to be avoided.
If you are moving towards an indoor enclosure, it should also follow the same guidelines as the outdoor enclosure and should have a reptile light. This is to keep the tortoise adequately warmed up, over and under-heating affects their health vastly.

Tortoise diets consist of a variety of leafy vegetable and flowers. They are also fond of weeds like dandelions. They can also be fed grated carrots and cucumbers occasionally. Tortoise also require supplements like vitamin D3 and trace minerals which needs to be sprinkled over their food. Fresh water is also a necessity at all times.

For more information, you can visit the B.W.C.W. Tortoise Links Page for everything tortoise.

Things Everyone Needs to Know About Bearded Dragons

A lot of you might not be aware but the creatures that are known by the name of bearded dragon are not actual dragons but just normal animals, lizards, to be precise. Bearded dragons are a specie of lizard belonging to the family of reptiles have originated in the country of Australia. Nowadays there has been an increasing trend seen in the adoption of bearded dragons as pets and there has been a higher demand for them as well. Since Australia is a country that falls the Arid zones on the globe they are found there basically in order to keep a pet bearded dragon you will have to create an artificial habitat if you do not live in arid climate or else they will suffer and possibly die. Just like any other pet that you might want to adopt you will have to do a thorough research beforehand so that you know how to take care of them and of course they have a very particular diet plan that you will have to follow and for that person research is highly recommended. Most of the time in today’s world you can find bearded dragon diet food online as well which makes it all the more convenient. Following are some essential things that you need to know about bearded dragons, check them out below.

Creating a Sustainable Environment
For people who happen to have a pet bearded dragon or want to adopt one as a pet it is best that they take out some time and check what things you need in order to make a sustainable living space for them. Most people use a fish tank and fluorescent lights to create it. You will also need to look up bearded dragon diet food online.

Is It Possible to Talk With Animals?

Is it even a real thing? Because there are many people who say they can vouch for animal talk, but is it even a real thing? In this very same article we will analyze the facts and let you know if there’s really such a thing as animal talk. You’ll discover it all here, so it’d be awesome if you stayed here to read this article till its end.

It’s Possible and The Reason Is…
Animals can also understand your words. Wait? Can they? Of course they do, but the thing is that they do not understand the human language as an average person, they do it by sensations and tone.

If you want to know how to establish a good communication with your dog, for instance, then you have to learn how to use certain words with the right tone, so you can either use them to alert him or congratulate him.

This is the angular stone of animal talk, you need to learn how to use certain words with your pet or animal and how to add the right tone and gesticulations to it. Because the animals understand the tone of words and perfectly understand human body language.

The use of these techniques along with body language can yield awesome results. You should go ahead and start trying it. And don’t worry, because you can find a wide and varied myriad of tutorials in YouTube and all over the internet which can show you how to communicate with your animal of choice.

Just remember that this takes practice and effort. You must stick with it and keep practicing, because learning how to communicate with animals is not something that happens overnight, it requires of time, commitment and continuous effort from your end.

Becoming The Best Dog Trainer in Your City

Just like Seth Godin said in his book “The Dip”: “You must always look forward to becoming #1”

In everything you do you must look forward to becoming the #1. Becoming the #1 dog trainer in the world would be a hard thing, it’s doable but it will require more time. The same applies for becoming the best dog trainer in your country, but if you wanted to become the best dog trainer in your city, then it’d require less investment in terms of effort, time and money.

So let’s start small by becoming the best option in your city, so you can later scale up and become the best dog trainer in this world. But first, let’s start small, because none became great overnight.

Education Must Be Your Weapon

The most important thing you have in your power is your education and knowledge. Therefore, it should never stop. You should always be looking for new dog training programs, so you can check them and see if they are worth it.

You can find plenty of dog training programs online, so you can decide to watch 1 per week. If you are already experienced, then chances are you will know most things they talk about in the course. But we are more than sure that you will learn at least 1 thing which will greatly benefit your career.

Don’t underestimate the power of education. You must always be willing to learn new things, and this power will propel you to the top sooner or later. You just need to become aware of the great power you have in your hands.

Exploit it and never stop. This is how you will become the best dog trainer in your city and eventually in your country and then the world.