Laptop Care Versus iPad Care

Just as it is very different taking care of a laptop than it is caring for a desktop computer, it is very different taking care of an iPad than it is taking care of a laptop. Both of them have some similarities in their care but for the most part are very different with regards to their needs. For anyone who is considering getting either a laptop or an iPad or tablet should really consider the necessary work needed for either before deciding. One of the few similarities is that you can take either to the PC Doctor who is the best at iPad & laptop screen repairs in Edinburgh.

Starting with the laptop, it is much harder to take care of than an iPad, because of the way the laptop is built there is a fear of it over heating and having the lithium battery burst, melt or just stop working. For this you can make sure that you don’t overcharge the battery and that you can use the cord for power directly from an outlet instead. You can also use a fan base where the base supplies air to the battery and base so it doesn’t heat up. Other than this it is pretty difficult cleaning out the keyboard of a laptop. The keyboard might get dust build up and food crumbs also get stuck in there. You may have to use compressed air or a keyboard brush to clean it out.

In comparison the iPad is easier to take care of. There are no major battery issues when taking care of an iPad although you are advised to not over charge it either or the battery might stop working. You should also take care of the screen by cleaning it with swabs or non scratching cloth but have it easy as there is no keyboard.

A Reliable And Discrete Tracking App

Smartphones hold a lot of power in everyone’s day to day lives, people depend on these devices so much that they keep them with them throughout the day, meaning that these devices carry sensitive information about their user and are capable of keeping track of their day to day activities. If you’re a concerned parent who wishes to keep track of how their children use their smartphones or you have had your phone stolen and wish to have it recovered, then consider installing a professional tracking app such as Highster Mobile.

There are a lot of spy apps in the market that allow people to keep tabs on a targeted individual’s smartphone usage, but most of the free ones and quite limited. If you really want to spy on someone then go for a professional application that not only provides reliable information but also keeps itself hidden. Highster Mobile is quite lightweight, meaning that the app can hide itself quite easily on the device on which it is installed, the app is compatible with iOS devices and android devices and is quite easy to use. It has a simple UI that provides you with real time information about activities in the device and allows you to interact with the app.

Highster Mobile is capable of tracking devices via their GPS, accessing messages, contact lists and call logs, the app can also keep track of the device’s browsing history and any photos or videos being taken from it. It has much more to offer as well, even a remote unlocking and uninstalling option in case of an emergency where you wish to remove the app from the device, in order to learn more about this app, take a look at CellSpy’s Highster Mobile review, their in depth analysis of the app is quite good.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone: The Downside

You have probably heard someone at some point talking about jailbreaking their iPhone and then talking about the endless benefits that comes with it. In case you are not aware of the term, by jailbreaking you are referring to the ability to bypass the iOS restrictions, allowing you to have free reign over your iPhone. This feature allows you to download third-party applications and free versions of paid apps as well. The perks are almost too good to be true. However, a lot of people do not consider the downside of jailbreaking their iPhone and we will be discussing it below.

First of all, by jailbreaking your phone, you are more likely to have a virus or malware in your phone. This is because of the third-party applications you are installing. Most of the apps in the Play Store are screened and reliable, so you know you are downloading an application and not a potential virus. With these third-party applications, you do not really know what you are downloading since there is no screening system.

You are also compromising your phone’s entire security. Since you are technically changing the entire operating system of your phone when you jailbreak, you have disabled the security of the phone. So, you are vulnerable to hackers and your applications can now access your information as well.

There are always new upgrades happening when it comes to smartphones in general. Not every update will support your jailbreak software, you can look up the version of your phone and check if its updates are applicable to the new software updates.

Lastly, if a jailbreak is incorrectly executed or if apps are bugged, your system can fluctuate and even ‘brick’ your phone, making it inherently useless. If you want to go ahead with it, find a way that best suits the find the version of your phone.

Some of The Downsides of Streaming Movies

Streaming movies has become a lot more common than it used to be, gone are the days when you were limited by a crushingly slow internet connection, the modern internet connections are both fast, and very good.

Especially for people who are into streaming a lot of content whether they are doing it for themselves or for other viewers. With that said, there are a lot of benefits of streaming and one can simply not deny that.

For those willing to know about good apps, there’s your traditional Netflix and Hulu,and for those who don’t something else, take a look at the Cinema Box download, it’s one of the newer, best streaming apps in the market that works rather well with almost all the devices that you can possibly imagine.

With that said, there are some small amount of limitations that you will normally face with streaming, and today, we are going to take a look at them.

Increased Bandwidth Usage

Yes, we know that streaming is amazing, however, there are some obvious downsides to what seems as a blessing. The biggest issue we have with streaming is that it uses bandwidth, and while you may not be losing a lot if you’re streaming anything below HD, but anything HD or above that will have a high bandwidth usage.

Online Only

While some of the apps allow you to download the shows and watch later, the fact that for streaming you’d have to stay connected to the internet is a bummer for some people. Especially if they are not willing to use their LTE or 3G services because they cost quite a bunch. That’s perhaps one reason a lot of people prefer downloading them on their phones for later viewing so you can enjoy.

Taking Care of Your Swegway

One of last years best gadgets included the swegway, self-balancing scooters which were loved by many due to the fact that they were fun and had a very futuristic feel to them. 2015 was a great year for science and technology, many interesting products came into the market, which means that getting a place on the list of the best gadgets of 2015 is no small feat. In fact, once their initial problems of failure and occasionally exploding were patched up, swegways became so popular that they became trending topics.

imagesThe only downside of swegways is that they cost a lot, and since they are made to move around a lot they need to be maintained in order to prolong their life. Once you’ve gotten a swegway there are certain things that need to be checked occasionally in order to make sure that they stay in good shape and provide you with the best experience possible. One common problem that a lot of users face is that sometimes a red light goes on indicating that your swegway isn’t properly calibrated, when this happens simply turn the scooter off, place it on a flat surface and hold the power button till it starts blinking. Once this happens leave the scooter alone and let it re-calibrate itself.

Another common problem is that sometimes the pads that are used to control the scooter become unresponsive, in order to fix this problem all you need to do is take off the pads’ plastic casings and adjust them with your hands. Sometimes more technical problems occur such as the scooter’s connections become weak, leading to poor charging and bad sensor response, if you’re good with electronics then fixing these should be easy enough, if not, simply take your scooter to one of the many people out there who provide reliable technical assistance that keep your scooter in great shape.

Top Sites to Download Musical Legally For Free

The one thing that everyone will agree to without a  doubt is that downloading music online with just one click at the download button seems to be very easy and convenient, not to mention that its completely free. Gone are the days when people would go to a music store to purchase CDs filled with music of their favourite artists. Downloading music online from several websites is not the same as stealing; rather making a copy of that particular song. It is also a cheaper option as the prices of music CDs have gone up to the extent that they enter the category of ‘expensive’ music. However, there are some sites that can lead to legal issues as well as charge you so you have to be very careful when downloading music. Here are the top sites where you can download music legally for free of charge:

Free Music Archive (FMA)

mp3skull-1Not only does the sit let people post free songs of famous artists, but it also allows them to people their original tracks for others to listen. This is a great initiative for show casing your talent as well as an incredible forum for the music industry in order to find new talent. It is important to remember that the site is absolutely free and legal to use.


This site provides a variety of audio tracks that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Their downloading speed has been popular as you will be able to listen to your favourite songs in just seconds after clicking on the download button. Mp3skull also provides different versions of the same song giving you the option to choose from the one you like.

Sound cloud

If you’re looking for the covers of your favourite songs then sound cloud is ideal for you. They provide a variety of covers that you did not know existed.


Make Your Phone New Again

Smartphones are great piece of technology that let us do so much from the palm of our hands, we’ve become so reliant on them in the past few years and as time goes by they keep on becoming better. There are many companies out there that manufacture smartphones in all shapes and sizes, but there are only two operating systems available; iOS for people who want simplicity and a smooth operating experience and android for people who like more freedom. Android can be a little unstable at times but it lets you make a lot more use of your phone than iOS.

960x0Owning a smartphone isn’t just a need anymore, it’s a lot like a megatrend which makes people compete to get the best phone in the market, once you have that you can get all sort of accessories and adornments to make your phone look even better. When it comes to your phone’s looks, the outside isn’t the only thing that matters, you should also focus on customizing your UI by making use of themes and wallpapers, a UI that looks fresh and different is bound to make your phone feel different as well.

One major advantage that android users have over iOS users is that they have a lot more options for customizability, and once they get bored of the features and options that come with the phone, they can root their phone and take customization to a whole other level. Rooting allows the user to gain complete access over the phone’s working and various parts of its software, once a person gets a hang of it they can make all kinds of changes to the phone. Framaroot is an app that makes rooting very easy, to get the app, download its apk framaroot from the app’s official website.