Distressed Clothing: The New Trend

If you have been keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, you will notice that a lot of 90s trends have been revisited since the start of 2016. This includes the shift back to velvet, block heels, glitter lip gloss and different variations of chokers as well. If you have been following celebrities on social media, you will also notice another similar trend, distressed clothes.

It is a retake of the 90s grunge look but it has become more inclusive. Now not only jeans and denim are distressed in fact shirts and sweatshirts have been brought into the realm of distressed clothing. Various clothing boutiques offer their own variations of the style ranging from mild distressed jeans with a few rips here and there and, extreme takes as well where jeans look completely destroyed.

There are various ways to style distressed clothing but it is a rule of thumb to only wear one distressed piece at a time. Wearing an overall distressed look is hard to pull off and there is a lot of room for error so you will most likely end up looking sloppy.

There are also a lot of size takes as well. Some people opt for more fitted looks to pull it off, others wear oversized distressed shirts as a shirt dress etc. It depends on what flatters you best here. What I personally love about distressed shirts and sweatshirts is the quality of the fabric. The material is resembles that one comfortable sweatshirt we have and refuse to part with.

Distressed clothes are a fashion statement mainly because they can be worn in multiple settings. It can be a casual look but a distressed shirt dress with the right shoes can also double as a dinner outfit. Ultimately, it is your job to find the right clothing boutiques that will have the design that will suit you best.