Jailbreaking Your iPhone: The Downside

You have probably heard someone at some point talking about jailbreaking their iPhone and then talking about the endless benefits that comes with it. In case you are not aware of the term, by jailbreaking you are referring to the ability to bypass the iOS restrictions, allowing you to have free reign over your iPhone. This feature allows you to download third-party applications and free versions of paid apps as well. The perks are almost too good to be true. However, a lot of people do not consider the downside of jailbreaking their iPhone and we will be discussing it below.

First of all, by jailbreaking your phone, you are more likely to have a virus or malware in your phone. This is because of the third-party applications you are installing. Most of the apps in the Play Store are screened and reliable, so you know you are downloading an application and not a potential virus. With these third-party applications, you do not really know what you are downloading since there is no screening system.

You are also compromising your phone’s entire security. Since you are technically changing the entire operating system of your phone when you jailbreak, you have disabled the security of the phone. So, you are vulnerable to hackers and your applications can now access your information as well.

There are always new upgrades happening when it comes to smartphones in general. Not every update will support your jailbreak software, you can look up the version of your phone and check if its updates are applicable to the new software updates.

Lastly, if a jailbreak is incorrectly executed or if apps are bugged, your system can fluctuate and even ‘brick’ your phone, making it inherently useless. If you want to go ahead with it, find a way that best suits the find the version of your phone.