Things That Make Up a Good Landlord

One of the reasons why many landlords fail to keep their tenants is because they’re either too friendly with them or they’re all straight up business, which can make tenants feel like they’re living under pressure. The following is a summary of Costello Realty & Management’s list of tips on how you can be a great landlord.

Being a good landlord is what gets you good tenants that respect your property and pay their rent on time; think of your tenants as your customers, you have to market yourself properly so they know what they’re paying for. If you can market your property properly, you’re likely to get tenants that stay for longer since tenants looking for long term residency usually have higher standards.

Many of your tenants might be new to town, which is why it might be a good idea to offer and get them personally acquainted with the area. You can also help your tenants in updating their address info; everyone likes a landlord who helps out every then and now! You also need to maintain a good impression with your tenants; you can do this by making sure that you meet them while you’re dressed neatly and in case your tenant ever disagrees with you on something, you should keep your cool and approach them diplomatically – they’ll respect you more that way.

While it’s important to maintain a great relationship with tenants, it is equally important to make sure that you give them their space as well; after all, they’re going to be living here and want to feel comfortable in their personal space. That’s basically the gist of what distinguishes a good landlord from a particularly obnoxious one. You can read the rest of the tips and all you need to know about properties in Las Vegas over at